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The pages referred to below (in the 6/30/18 update paragraphs) have been dismantled at my site, seaporter1.com. I was the one who took ’em down, just to be clear. But those same Trutholio pages have been preserved as both complete web pages and as PDF copies, just the way they appeared when last displayed on 3/24/2019. To view these pages in the state in which I left ’em, you can download the latest PDF versions available right here:

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Regarding where I take Trutholio from here, that’s up in the air at this point. My focus is currently on Retroplay Baseball and TEKTONA, my virtual band; there’s just no time these days to devote to the political-cultural wars. It’s possible that in 2020, I’ll feel it’s necessary to make further comments and point to the increasingly rare truth-tellers again, but that remains to be seen. It’s all “Lord willing,” you know!

Meanwhile, seek His voice and His will; His ways are always best. 

–SR, 3-24-2019


6/30/18: Just two quick reminders: 1) The ONGOING version of http://www.trutholio.com can be found at seaporter1.com/home and, 2) All updates since 6/21/18 can be found there, with only a few copied back into this “archives/legacy” site. And a tip…please do make sure to check out especially my latest post at the new Trutholio Home page (link above).

NOTE: For the most part, this has been developed as a static, frozen-in-time “legacy” or personal archive site. The working concept is explained below. However, what I’ve just posted to my new Trutholio Home page hosted by WordPress merits exposure here as well. That “Timely Topic” essay is included immediately below, in this case, for that very reason. I don’t want you to miss it, and if I put this material  in the Update Log section, it would be easier for you to do just that. So here it is, take it or leave it (as always).



As those people closest to me know, my life these days straddles two states, hundreds of miles apart. Sometimes I forget for a moment which state I’m in, and I have to recover my bearings. A fresh example: I was walking through a Meijer store in Wisconsinnot a Fred Meyer store in Washington, and I began to wonder, “Why all of the Badgers and Packers stuff?” Of course, there’s an extremely simple explanation for that: “You’re in Wisconsin, buddy boy. Just what do you expect?” Any reasonable person can see that
it’s reasonable to see store shelves stocked with wares that will appeal to the locals, and not cater to the preferences of every individual on the planet! 
Two pertinent observations immediately followed in my mind. First, if I were to make a public scene and demand that this Wisconsin store stock — just because I want it — sportswear promoting all of MY favorite teams (in all of history, including defunct teams that never even had official logos), I’d be doing precisely what all of the leftists do at every turn!
Examples: Because I might speak Spanish and Swahili, EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE must accommodate me and speak to me in those languages; otherwise, they are haters! Or if I ignore the will of God and like to put my sex organ in places it doesn’t belong, EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE must accommodate me and honor me for my choice; anyone who doesn’t is a hater! And even if I did NOT invite people from foreign lands to
violate our national borders and our laws, including those against theft, rape, and murder, I must accommodate these willful criminals and foot all of their bills! This is the creed of the Left, and it’s gagging America.
How long are you going to allow them to pour raw sewage down YOUR throat? If you’re not at least supporting the efforts of those who are doing something about it, you are most definitely part of the problem. Don’t be door mats! Fight for the truth and The Truth (John 14:6).
Second, these thoroughly evil leftists whine, stamp their feet, yell obscenities, destroy property and people at will, and expect to suffer no consequences whatsoever because… They. Are. UNreasonable. They have lost their minds and their souls, and they expect everyone else to accompany them to Hell.
Well, I’m here to tell you that I’m not drinking their Kool-aid, not wallowing in their pig sty, and I’m not living in their universe, but God’s. “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh. The LORD shall have them in derision” — Psalm 2 (read the whole thing!).
Public Service Announcement: NOT EVERYONE WILL GO TO HEAVEN. That is the crock of all crocks! Satan got that lie started, it’s the easiest sell of all, and your “friends” on the Left and the Catholics, Unitarians, Universalists, and all other such anti-God factions want you to swallow that hook, line, and sinker. Don’t follow them into a very real eternal state completely devoid of hope or a chance for a moment’s relief. You’re either
on the side of Jesus Christ or you are not; saved by His grace or condemned by your own prideful choice. See Matthew 12:30; John 14:6; John 3 EIGHTEEN (yep, keep reading after John 3:16!). And who will NOT be admitted into God’s holy Heaven? Read with care Revelation 21:8: the fearful/cowardly; unbelieving/faithless;
abominable/detestable; murderers, whoremongers/sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and “all liars.” If you are honest with yourself, you’re included in that list somewhere, and for far too many these days, their personal lifestyle is built around most or even ALL of these sinful practices. This is essentially a list of everything the Left embraces!
However, you can repent, NOT return to your vomit and re-ingest it, and turn in sincere faith to the only One who can save you from endless misery: Jesus Christ, Son of God and God Himself, THE Redeemer. And lest you mistake my meaning in any of this, being on the right side of political issues is NOT THE issue! But the godly person whom Christ will save/is saving will have zero inclination to join with the anti-Christ
forces of the political Left. There is just no reconciling the two. Leftists are BY DESIGN opposed to all that the Holy One commands and expects from beings made in His image: love for the truth, courage to speak it, civility, TRUE tolerance that does NOT entail blind, undiscerning acceptance and adoption of any and all evils, sexual purity (within marriage, just as He has ordained it and blessed it from the very start), respect for the property, rights, and reputations of others (in short, the rule of just laws, and not of the personal whims of particular despots), and being able to acknowledge the Holy Creator-Sustainer-Sole Proprietor of the only universe in which we ALL exist (in Reality, that is!) in each place and time.
The Left wants to “grant” you — by their awesome powers of man-made government — a so-called “freedom of worship,” which means, “See how tolerant we are of you religious freaks? We say that you can still — even in this day of anti-superstitious Enlightenment — huddle together within the walls of your church or synagogue for an hour or two on your designated “special” day, and we promise (kind of) to not kill you for doing that. Just don’t venture forth into the public square with “god” still in your minds or on your lips.
Because then, … you’re taking your own lives in your hands. In which case, we ARE justified in destroying you in every sense of the word.” That’s the deal we’re supposed to accept from the anti-God Left.
But in reality, God has granted people in this country, anyway (through legitimate channels of just government) the freedom of religion that does NOT confine people of faith to government-mandated cubicles and corridors. No, in the real universe where everything that affects us all happens — under God, and in His view — we have
received — from His gracious hand — the freedom to live out our faith wherever we are and to give Him due glory at all times. This doesn’t mean that we’re called to call all others to subscribe to what we personally believe, but when we want to acknowledge the true God who is self-described in the Bible, no human government has any right to stifle that acknowledgement or get in the way of that person-to-Deity communication. We believers are NOT the “outsiders”; we dwell inside of God’s universe as He has created it and runs it, and hopefully, inside His will as much as we are conscious of it.
Seek, embrace, and move forward in the truth. You won’t find the truth where there’s no respect for it, so waste no more time paying any attention to the dyed-in-the-wool liars of the anti-truth, anti-God political Left. They’re headed where you do NOT want to go, and they are in fact trying to bring that (D)emonic kingdom to our world under the guise of an impossible “Utopia.” Don’t aid or abet any part of that evil without borders.


6/23/18: Add these two “character witness” testimonies regarding the quintessential enemies of all that is true and life-affirming; I speak of ever-lying, pro-mass-murder (D)emonic leftists, the kings, queens, and in-betweens of hypocrisy: link 1; link 2

+++++BE SURE TO READ MORE ON MY IMMIGRATION PAGE: https://seaporter1.com/immigration-2/

6/21/18:  1) Yeah, just try again to convince me that truth, morality, civility, and responsibility are leftist values. See below the main body of text in the Update Log for 7 links that (again) prove otherwise. 2) Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and my essay, “Respecting Power” have been re-introduced to the Trutholio.com Home page (first time for this material at this site, so be sure to check it out).


Moments ago, I restored — as far as possible — my Trutholio.com Home page to the form it would have taken, had there not been three months’ worth of persistent hacking and sabotage. The glaring difference, of course, is that none of the references to said sabotage would have been included on this page, if such damage hadn’t taken place, but since I’m giving you the whole story here, all of those annoying allusions are included. If you think they’re annoying distractions — having to repeatedly encounter them in the text — put yourself in my place!

Day after day, I’d want to add fresh content to my Home page through my personal web editor, only to discover that somewhere down the page, whole sections were missing! So if I failed to check the whole page for deletions and therefore failed to notice what had been erased, I’d publish that bastardized version without my knowledge, and the hacking, thieving jackass(es) could win that day’s battle. Well, I’m sure there were many gloating cackles at my expense, as somebody who apparently has no higher purpose in life than to (D)ecimate, (D)estroy and keep every (D)emonic (D)eception alive kept “winning” these near-daily skirmishes in this ultra-obscure corner of the Web. But have you silenced me, leftist “warrior?” Obviously not. You lose the war, after all. Because the Truth is getting out, and the Truth will always win out in the end.

So what we have here is a fairly faithful record of the history of this particular page; the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I’ll leave it as it is, frozen in time. Only if I run across something in my “storehouse” of PDF copies of my pages that I think should be added back in, will I be updating this page at THIS site. For the ongoing, ticker-updated (and more “sanitized” version), drop in at WordPress-hosted  seaporter1.com, where all of my sites will probably be gathered under one “roof.”

Final note: While cosmetic changes might well be in order (you may have noticed how some fonts have been re-worked — to their detriment — due to much cutting-and-pasting restoration), all of the elements are preserved here intact; I’ll be re-checking links and providing PDF links where they’re broken.


Portfolio of Truth. Only the Truth will set you — and keep you — free.

+++++++ New permanent feature, as of 3/3/18 +++++++

 “Legal” Mass-murder Ticker, Year-to-date: 526,080 through June 08, 2018

How determined: number of estimated abortions of human beings in America, based on 1.2 million “legal” abortions performed annually in the U.S. (that figure is the median of low and high public estimates ranging from 1 million to 1.4 million;  this averages out to 3,288 DAILY).

* Planned Murderhood makes taxpayers accessories to murder

Need proof? Here you go; put the facts together here.


3/2/18:  Confirmation:  Shame of the Nation=Baby-murder ( one of the 4 worst globally)

You may have thought I was exaggerating when I claimed that America was among a small handful of the very worst nations on the planet in terms of allowable (“legal”) abortions (see 2/18 commentary below). And that this fact justifies other nations looking down at us — in horror — for our astonishing moral failure on Basic Universal Human Rights Issue #1: the right to life

Well, here is an excerpt from the Lankford Letter, just issued by Senator James Lankford (R-OK):

The US is one of four countries that allow for late-term abortions. Only Vietnam, North Korea, China, and the United States still allow elective abortions on viable children after 24 weeks of pregnancy. There’s no question that a child is a child at five months; he or she has ten fingers, ten toes, a functioning nervous system, a beating heart, and unique DNA that is different than the mom and dad. Science and medical technology have dramatically changed over the past few years, allowing many children to live healthy lives even though they were born between 20 and 24 weeks. We need to protect the lives of these children and see what a majority of the world sees. A child at five months of development is a child.

Okay, now what did I get wrong? Oh! I know, I forgot to mention that communist Viet-nam was in that same bag of shame as communist China, communist North Korea, and — what are we again…. democratic/progressive? — America. This is quite the select group to be in, I must say; it makes my flesh crawl. And know who to thank for this. Do you?


If the “mainstream” media have not only successfully comman-deered the daily-drumbeat national narrative, but your own personal, supposedly individual “thinking,” you’ll undoubtedly continue to be obsessed with that shooting at a school in Florida

that took 17 lives. I won’t say that wasn’t a tragedy; it most definitely was. But remember — or become aware of? — 2 or 3 things that everyone seems to be forgetting:

1. That demonic mass-murderer was a product of that very school; he acted on impulses that came naturally to him, given his lack of moral moorings. That school’s “educators” are at leastpartly culpable for his actions. Dung in, dung out. When moral indifference is modeled and taught, moral indifference results.

And that can be displayed in a very dramatic and public manner.

2. You can pile up “gun control” laws 17 miles high, and you’ll still have (sinful human nature guarantees it) evil and insane murderous people committing murder on a large scale. If they’re hell-bent on wasting human lives, they’ll find a way to make it happen, and any [sniff] “law” meant to deter them will be a mere object of scorn or a trifling temporary inconvenience. If murder is their obsession, preventive measures on paper aren’t going to curtail it; it’ll take active intervention by people who want to protect the intended victims, and not make the murderer’s job easy.

2a. BTW, shouldn’t we just ban all motor vehicles, knives, scissors, explosives (including any possible component of an I.E.D.), fire, ovens, water, blunt objects, comets, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, pathogens, and anything that could ever be used to make several people die (or kill them-selves)? I mean, if stopping mass-shootings cold is just a matter of taking away the guns from everybody — the responsible and

law-abiding and the irresponsible and murderously evil (yeah, right!) alike — well, it follows, does it not?– by the inexorable laws of leftist “logic” — that if we just take away anything that can do harm to someone, and tell “Mother Nature” to stop throwing nasty tantrums and germs to go infect another planet, we’ll have done with this business of people dying. Simple, huh? Let’s all hold our breath — to show that we are united in this Great Cause — until that do-nothing Congress rams this must-do-immediately legislation through, outlawing Death itself (the unborn excepted, of course; those inconveniences are on their own). 

3. Back to reality:  Mass-murder — without guns — goes on every single day in this country. It’s called, “abortion.” On average, somewhere between THREE THOUSAND and FOUR THOUSAND HUMAN LIVES were deliberately and violently ended today. And yesterday. And on 2/14/18 (“Parkland Shooting Day?”), and on a daily basis since 1973 (the poison fruit of Roe v. Wade madness). So enough with your insufferable hypocrisy, leftist “world-savers!” You and your army of brainwashed dupes have mass-murdered over 60 MILLION  HUMAN BEINGS. Just in this country, and just since it’s been “legal.” THAT BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS, AND YOU KNOW IT!

God knows it, too. Justice will be done.


Full Disclosure (written 4/18/18) 

 My intent from the start was to be able to give some truth- seekers “out there” — in cyberspace — the right side of a split-screen view, if you will. What I’m saying is that if you can picture yourself in front of a news report screen (TV or computer monitor), you often will be viewing not just one “talking head,” but two (or more), via a split-screen. Ostensibly, this video format provides the ideal opportunity to both hear all of the actual words spoken and take in all other visual cues of two or more “guests” simultaneously.  While I won’t argue against the sheer power of that method of presentation, I want to strongly suggest that even if the average American fixed himself/herself in front of a 24/7 news report feed emanating from their chosen channel, complete with maybe 8(?) talking-head screen segments available at once, the real truth — the truth that matters, and truth that you can actually use — would still not get through. So I wanted to make available a simple, bare-bones alternative via my website, Trutholio.com. My low-tech, unadvertised approach has been to put an old-school placard of sorts next to your news-viewing screen. On the right side of it, of course, because there’s just no getting to theleft of 90% of the “mainstream” media. [ahem] 

Put another way, if you are watching one of those split-screen news and commentary shows, you’re usually “treated” to two or more Leftists spewing essentially the same Marxist propaganda, with only slight differences.  They all might be vying for “lefter than thou” status, for example (and read that: “superior to thou, pretender to the throne!”). But there’s usually no honest debate being presented because on the other side of the screen sits a straw-man.  

And is Fox News the exemplary exception to the rule? Continuing in the spirit of full disclosure, I have to say that I don’t know. I don’t ever watch any of those shows unless I follow a newsletter link to YouTube to check it out. Don’t have cable, don’t have cable news, don’t want it, don’t need it. If you call that living in a cave, well, come on in and pull up a rock. 

Back to the placard-flanking-the-monitor metaphor… 

So I put my understated, non-flashy, non-jumpy, non-pushy, yet opinion-filled posterboard on an easel, say, in close proximity to the other more well-designed, flashier, pushier, trackier (reminder: I don’t track your moves, but they do, whoever that may be) content with which you’re more familiar. Artistically speaking, yeah, I’m gonna suffer by comparison; that’s a given. Since I purchased two new domains recently, hardly a day goes by in which I don’t receive web design offers that’ll catapult my sites into the Google rankings stratosphere. Oh, puh-leez. As if. As if I want to be a big shot selling the truth. I’ve never charged a penny for the truth that I’m dedicated to disseminating; by that I mean mostly the “religious/theological” material. The Truth that will set you free should be provided to all for free. That’s why I have John 8:32 as my motto verse in the Trutholio.com logo. Check it out! 

Now when it comes to the political stuff, well, I do have some things to say, and I don’t always say them politely. Make that, I very seldom use PC speech to make my politically incorrect points. Assuming that you expect me to justify that style of delivery, okay, I’ll toss a few things out there:

1.  I get things off my chest/vent/rant and rave/indulge in name-calling in order to help keep myself from doing any real harm to others OR myself; I don’t want to either explode or implode. If you notice, the first letters in my seven Trutholio web pages spell out, “H-E-L-P-I-N-G.” This is by design; this is my intent. I don’t want to do harm to anyone, but I’ve found that sarcastic name-calling is not only not beneath me, it’s therapeutic, I must say. So when I refer to Liarly/Hi-liar/Hellary or The Thing That Won’t Leave or Shut Up or whatever, this is my stress-relieving fun way of referring to one of the most self-obsessed and sold-out-to-evil figures in recent history (“Hellary” is the only one I got from somebody else, but use the others with my blessing). I don’t need to mention Osama Obama/King Barry or “Pelousy” or “Nosferatu” (Chuck Schemer) or Planned Anti-Parenthood or Planned Murderhood, do I? I mean, let’s be real: Abortion is murder; PPFA makes appointments to commit murders; that’s planned murder. There ya go. And if ever there was an organization that is ANTI-parenting and ANTI-family, ladies and gentlemen…I give you PFFA. If the name-calling in which I indulge is much more truth-based than the Left is comfortable with, so be it. Tough!

2. That will get us to what’s been happening on the “free speech” front for the last several decades, and especially how it has affected me personally in recent months. I’ve dropped a few hints about this from time to time on the Home page of my Trutholio site, as a pattern of censorship/uninvited or unauthorized editing/selective content deletion/ sabotage or curious recurring “technical glitches” has emerged and continued with only brief respites. Oh, don’t worry, that’s just a “bot” messing up, some people tried to tell me. But I know enough about “bots” to know that programming them requires HUMAN input; artificial intelligence (AI) is just that, so in order for a “robot” (it’s  actually programming code we’re talking about here) to “think,” it has to have real, human intelligence directing that mechanical process. In other words, if a “bot” deletes selected whole sections from a printed page, it’s been “told” to do just that. A bot can search for certain “target” words and perform actions when it encounters them, but it doesn’t compose the list of terms or prescribe the action. It can only do what it’s been programmed to do. Period.

So, what’s the point? Obviously, that human intervention is necessarily involved when such “outside editing” is done against one’s will, and without one’s knowledge. “Free speech” has been violated. Without the shadow of a doubt, there’s at least one leftist behind this in my particular case, it has happened before, and people at both Lycos and Angelfire know that I know. All in all, it’s a shame. I can’t bring myself to resent them and harbor a grudge, but I certainly don’t understand their inability to track down the perp(s) in their midst and deal with this ongoing problem. Bottom line:  I have a right to say what I want on the web space I’ve paid to use, and I wouldn’t even think of messing  up another person’s site. That’s what malicious brats do, and those are not the actions that rational people take. But then, leftists are amoral and irrational, so what else is new? There’s no real mystery in any of this.        

3. Quick recap:  the worst things I’ve done are 1) give unflattering nicknames to some really nasty people and — here’s the real thing, I suspect — 2) told people the truth that they’re not going to hear if I don’t gather it and put it together for them. That’s something the Left hates with a red-hot passion. It doesn’t matter if it’s some well-known conservative or just little ol’ me and his humble, off-the-beaten-path website: what is true must be strangled in the cradle and buriedNow let’s talk apples and oranges. Here’s what I didn’t do, but the enemies of truth do constantly: 1) seek out those who disagree and try to silence them, or, failing that, make them look like paranoid losers; 2) use unrestrained profanity with impunity (oh, leftists — maybe you can have a literate person explain that to you); 3) pronounce a curse or wish harm upon someone (and I don’t have to tell you how (D)evilish those curses can get!); 4) avoid at all costs thinking for myself; it’s so much easier to be told what to protest and demand (and often, get paid for it); 5) sue anybody or threaten to do so if I didn’t get everything going my way, and NOW! and,… 6) go on a revenge-driven “opposition research” binge to get “even.”

4. When it became apparent that it was up to me to protect the content that I paid to be able to post, I began to devise ways of preserving it in other formats. At least that way, those few folks who cared a fig about what I might have to say or about my very person could compare what I posted with the altered version they might encounter on the web. This is why I started pointing people towards the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, and then, when I saw that that method had its own drawbacks (more dropped content), I began to provide up-to-date PDF versions of my Home page, just as I published them on those days. This was a safeguard against any tampering that would ensue after my site was last successfully published. All of this is to say that I did what I had to do to fight against sabotage, no matter the source, intent, extent, or frequency.        

5. Which brings us now to why I’m changing course. Three reasons, two negative, and one positive:           

1) I’m sick to the gills of politics; there seems to be little room for the Truth anywhere in that slimy sphere, and even less, respect for it;           

2) The daily routine of reading a half-dozen or so e-mail news-letters (hand-picked, more conservative ones at that), finding a select few articles to link to from my site, and the editing and near daily RESTORING of much content on some pages, really got old and took way too much of my time. And when I saw that the process often made me edgy, I decided that the process should end;            

3) With the elimination of that stale routine comes the freedom  to concentrate my efforts on retroplay.net.

I hope I’ve satisfactorily explained what I tried to do, why I wanted to do it, and why I want to leave that all behind now to move in a less stressful, more positive direction. The shorter version is simply, “Politics bad, baseball good, truth better, the Truth, Way, and Life best of all.” It’s good riddance to politics and back to my baseball history project and theology that points to and embraces Jesus Christ in all His glory, and at every point.



2/28/18 — 1. Add United Airlines to the list of those who’ll never get another penny from me (they support Planned Murderhood )

2. Excellent article that reminds us just how thoroughly evil that organization is (Chuck Donovan) [and its supporters, who high-five continuing baby-murder; (D)isgusting!–SR]

3. Supreme Court gets one right (automatic citizen’s rights for ILLEGALS? No, stupid!)

4. Don’t black lives in Africa matter, too? (Clifford D. May) Or in the wombs, may I add? Leftist hypocrisy is truly the wonder of the age! (D)efying all logical and moral consistency, boosting all (D)epravity.


2/23/18 — Below, please find a gathered portfolio of links to common sense and truth (and…(D)underhead of (D)underheads, Nancy Pelousy (sic) ; she has lost it, folks, and here’s the latest proof!)

Immigration topic link #2 (media misreporting)

Immigration topic link #3 (those wonderful ILLEGALS)

Telling quote:  “A report by the Center for Immigration Studies reveals that about 75 percent of working-age illegal aliens use fraudulent Social Security cards to work in the United States” [I remind you: one “Barack Obama II” was born in either Kenya or Hawaii (both claims were made by himself at various times) but never lived in CT, yet… he has a CT-issued (actually, doubly illegally re-issued) SSN! ; that’s right: HE is among that 75%, and he’s still getting away with the grandest of all grand thefts]

Here is what perceptive, moral, sane Americans are saying; this is what’s really going on:

Second Amendment/moral amendment link #1 (Malkin)

Second Amendment/moral amendment link #2 (B.T.S.)

Second Amendment/moral amendment link #3 (Hurt)

Second Amendment/moral amendment link #4 (Ted Cruz)

Second Amendment/moral amendment link #5 (copycats)

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Second Amendment/moral amendment link #6 (cartoon)

Second Amendment/moral amendment link #7 (transgender lies debunked, help for transgender people)

One final suggestion for today:  read what I’ve said below and compare notes with what was made available to you through the links above. It’s my sincere belief that if you can be exposed to such responsible thinking and reporting, you, too, can see how the leftists are deliberately misleading every single dupe they can reach in order to advance their agenda of ruination. 


2/18/18 “And you wonder why such tragedies just keep happening…” (my own words)

A few minutes of your time, please. Let’s talk briefly but soberly about what is truly tragic and heart-wrenching. 

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Yes, mass shootings — at schools, on campuses, in the workplace, at open-air concert venues, at theaters, or any place where a deranged murderer can snuff out multiple lives in minutes — are absolutelytragic. You’ll get no argument from me on that because I see in God’s Word, “You shall do no murder” (Exodus 20:13, God’s Sixth Command-ment to all humanity, the way it actually reads when translated from the original Hebrew). The word is not “kill,” but “murder,” and that is an important distinction to make, one which is made by our legal systems:  people are charged with first- or second-degree murder, not “killing.”

Mass shootings, and lest we forget — mass bombings in public places (reflect on that for a moment or two, no guns involved there) — are out and out, premeditated murders. They occur far too often, and when they become headline stuff yet again, the outcry is just as hypocriticalas it is hysterical. Now why would I make such an assertion? Read on.

There are several writers who could better explain to you why the typical, knee-jerk calls for massive “gun control” and even gun confiscation (i.e., more theft by government of your personal property) are calls by activist jerks to incite fellow jerks to act in an irrational manner to advance a misguided “cause” and enact woefully ineffective public policies and/or instant-remedy legislation. They can tell you how this type of “thinking” never goes in a constructive direction; whether we consider it to be leftist or fascistic (I’ll again recommend Liberal Fascism, by Jonah Goldberg, on this point), it’s all destructive, and that by design. [here’s one of those sane, responsible writers who can fill you in on the arguments: link] [added 2/19, another sane voice]

My purpose in writing these few sentences is two-fold:  1) I want to remind one and all that MASS MURDER GOES ON DAILY in this morally-imploding nation via the gross, unconscionable sin of ABORTION. Roughly 3,000 human lives are snuffed out — with no less premeditation than mass-shooters or other murderous terrorists employ — on an AVERAGE DAY in America;  and, 2) I want to make sure that you understand this:  by and large, the very same people who are screaming bloody murder about the loss of 17 lives at a stroke and how we must do something/anything/everything ******[You’re STILL messing with me, you amoral moron?!? Get a life and stop screwing your own employer! Note to the rest of you: here’s where the sabotage kicked in 5/31-6/1; yes, even though I’m pulling up stakes and moving this site (and TWO more) to WordPress; talk about desperate madness!] about it NOW, care not a fig about the loss of thousands of equally innocent human lives every single day, and THAT carnage has been going on now for over 16,000 days! You read that right; do the math yourself. Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? It should, anyway, unless your moral conscience has been completely eroded.

And these utterly hypocritical, baby-slaughtering leftists wonder why these murderous sprees keep happening…

HERE is why, in a nutshell; this isn’t the least bit complicated. When you banish God from the classrooms and campuses, the workplaces, the public square, and from the minds of those entrusted with our common defense, security, and prosperity (e.g., Congress, Law Enforcement, and the Armed Forces), you actively invite the moral chaos that we’ve been seeing. Pull God out of the picture, and into the resulting vacuum rushes unabated evil. So when “we the people” turn over our children to the public brainwashing agents (government-run schools, 90+% of today’s college faculty members, 90+% of the “mainstream” media, etc.), and they’re taught that the laughably implausible lie of evolutionary origins is in fact, the truth — so you’re just gonna have to deal with the “fact” that you have no inherent worth as a human being — and the “fact” that the God we meet in the Bible is either a myth, irrelevant, or non-existent, or that Bruce can become Katie or vice versa, and that such physical transformation will be accompanied by equally successful mental transformation, well… excrement happens. Dung in, dung out. Simple.

When you detach God from every area of society, the “society” that inevitably results is one broken beyond repair.  You can protest, scream, and pass laws until you’re blue from head to toe, but it will do no real good. If we as a nation forfeit the very real protection of God Almighty provided through His laws designed only for our good, we’ll find ourselves in a state of total vulnerability. And make no mistake, if the Left gets everything going its way here in America, the surviving “citizens” won’t comprise a benevolent “European-style” merely Socialist-leaning state on this side of the Atlantic. No, that’s the way it’s being packaged for consumption by you “useful idiots” (Lenin), but that is NOT where it would end.

Wise up, those of you who are told to demand a “world without borders.” No national borders, no national security, and no security for you as an individual living where there used to be a nation. In a Utopian border-less world, there is no nation to provide protection for its individual, law-abiding citizens, because there are no citizens and there are no enforceable laws designed for their protection.   All individuals under such a system are on their own.  There is no barrier of protection when you go the God-less, nation-less route. Think long and hard about that. Is that what you want? If this nation has open borders, it ceases to be a nation at all. And if the nation vanishes, so do all of your rights to any and all private property and to seek recovery or restitution in the unpreventable event of its loss. THAT’s where it is all headed, this all-out drive of the Left. They hate God and His ways, and they’ll let you live in misery under their black boot only until you are of no use whatsoever to them, and they own what used to be yours. 

To God, you are a person; to the God-haters, you are a tool found in a swamp. 

So the next time somebody decides that a whole bunch of worthless, evolved accidents in some animal form have to die en masse, and they shoot, stab, blow up, or drive over their soul-less victims, YOU step forward and offer this proposal as part of the “national discussion” about what must be done:  try grabbing the snake from the other end, if you really want to be fully and finally rid of it.  If you grab the snake by the tail, it can curl right around and kill you. But if you pin it down to the ground and chop off its head, now you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Take out the source of the problem and remove the problem, and don’t treat symptoms and outbreaks as the disease itself. Any doctor worth his/her salt will address the root cause ASAP when it’s been identified, and not continue to focus on a set of symptoms. That’s how you head off an epidemic, which is far better than cringing in ignorant fear, waiting for the next outbreak.

Translation and applications in the current context; here’s what truly must be done to stop the “epidemic” of mass-murders: 

1.  Stop teaching that human beings are soul-less animals, that they have no more worth than any other “accident” of Nature; way too many gullible souls are misplacing their trust in “educators” who don’t deserve one iota of that trust; they are despicable deceivers and culpable for the inevitable evil perpetrated by these deluded mass-murderers.

2.  Stop dividing American citizens into more easily-ruled groups of subjects by turning us against each other on the basis of the most superficial of all categories:  skin color; under God, there is exactly ONE human race, though many cultures, but leftists constantly and deliberately confuse the two categories in order to divide and conquer; the (D)s rely COMPLETELY on their ability to separate Americans into special interest groups along Us vs. Them lines (they are an ever-shifting coalition of “aggrieved” groups of self-seeking brats who can’t bear to live without ever-increasing government intervention on their behalf);

3.   Stop murdering human beings in the womb!; this is Exhibit A presentable as evidence for why so many other nations are justified in looking down on our national morality; we murder our own defenseless young ones, and at the rate of over a million per year! Most people in other nations get how evil this is, and they look at us in horror (we are in the distinct minority of nations that allow legal abortions for any or even no reason, along with China and North Korea!); the fact that abortions are so routinely performed in this country — and without legal consequences — strongly reinforces the idea that human lives are worth nothing, so where’s the real harm in wiping out a number of mouths to feed? Abort ’em in the mother’s wombs or shoot ’em in the schools, what’s the “blank-ing” difference?

4.  Stop looking to the immoral for moral solutions; instead, BEG God through fervent prayer to NOT withdraw His protection from America and proceed to let His judgment fall upon us, though we deserve nothing less; this must accompany TRUE repentance, or we are sunk.


Featured article from The Daily Signal re:  Douglass on the true nature of the Constitution and the negativity of racial identity: follow link here

“Now no less than in his own day, the nation would do well to attend the wisdom of Frederick Douglass.” — Peter C. Myers


Respecting Power

There are always two sides to power.

There is benevolent power that protects, and there is tyrannical power that abuses.

There is power used constructively, and there is power used only to destroy.

There is power to be coveted, and power that must be accepted as justly in place in the hands of others.

There is power lawfully obtained, and there is power fraudulently usurped.

There is power as the be-all, end-game obsession, and there is power as means to obtain good and desirable aims.

There is earthly, temporal power, and there is the eternal power of Almighty God.

There was a man you may have heard of who came to know just Who holds the true, overriding power. In AD 1863, as if he were speaking just hours ago in AD 2016 [or 2017 or 2018, as the case may be], U.S. President Abraham Lincoln cogently observed,

“It behooves us, then, to humble our selves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness.” — Proclamation Appointing a National Fast Day, March 30, 1863 (excerpts below also from the same document).

What behooves whom, and to which “Power” do the offenders confess and pray for forgiveness? I’ll offer some hints before I get out of Lincoln’s way and return to his words.

1) When seeking forgiveness (contingent upon sincere repentance), one must go to a forgiver. Buddha is not a forgiver, nor is Moses, Mohammed, a priest, or anyone but God, and on the basis of the merits of Christ. 2) The Forgiver is holier than thou, no matter who you are, and all offenses against others (and ourselves) are sins against The Holy One; and seen by Him. 3) Only the God of the Bible holds all ultimate power, including the exclusive power to forgive, or not to forgive. 4) Putting this all together, there is only One to Whom we may go to plead our case, and only One to Whom we can go.

Back to Lincoln and what behooves whom to confess to the offended Power:

“We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power, as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God. We have forgot ten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace, and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us!”

“It behooves us then…”

Now that who, what, and why have been established by one who is revered in this country by the right winger, left winger, and centrist alike, who can justify any more delay in bowing — as a nation, as well as individually — before the offended Power, “devoutly recognizing the Supreme Authority and just Government of Almighty God, in all the affairs of men and of nations?” Keep in mind, too, that this was over a century before we further offended the Power with “legal” baby-murder and gay “marriage!”


The longest-running war in U.S. history; talk about “no exit strategy!” (designed to be endless by (D)s, right from the start, under racist LBJ [see my own comments below in this column, especially at 1/17]) — +++++ Cal Thomas article link


2/3/18 — Three quotes from Ann Coulter’s article, “Democrats boo America” (read the full text here), reinforcing my own paragraphs below:

…He [Joe Kennedy III] then devoted the lion’s share of his speech to the Democrats’ pet issues: transgenders and foreigners. This is a party so completely insulated from the concerns of normal people that it is now dedicating itself to exotic micro-issues… 

To be fair, the Democrats haven’t cared about Middle America for years and are frankly relieved they no longer have to pretend to like losers in flyover country. Their No. 1 priority is dragging in more and more foreigners to vote for them… 

… If JFK could have been brought back to life to see this speech, he would have instantly had young Joe committed to a mental institution. 

Agreed. This is how far afield the (D)s have strayed from anything godly, constructive, and true.


1/29/18 — From Day One at Trutholio.com, the truth of ONE HUMAN RACE has been assertedand those who promote division along racial/ethno-centric, “sexual preference” and “gender self-identification” lines — for their twisted, nefarious, and ever self-serving purposes — have been strongly denounced. And just who is it that constantly wields the weapons of identity politics? Why, it’s none other than the leftist demoncrat, at every turn. (D)ivide and (D)estroy is the (D)emo-rat way. They really need to be called out, and their consistently evil ways must be exposed. Here’s an example of what we can do to turn back the trend and right wrongs:

A small step, but important and significant

Two-point tutorial:

1) When radical rulers turn We, the People into Us vs. Them (in a dozen different ways), WE take theimposed divisions as “gospel” and instinctively turn against each other;

2) The suddenly-urgent call for help goes out to whom? Why, the ones who created the new “crisis”: the radical rulers of the Government-is-all Left; this is how “WE” turn into a nation of unwitting slaves in the present day. We’re giving away the farm to thieves, and we go to [restored (again), 4-16-18; everything from HERE to the bottom of the page; how naive of me to think we were past all of this! ]work for them.

Think, People of America! Under God or under the boot!


1/26/18 — No end to Leftocrat hypocrisy 




(and they’re terrible at math, too!).

(D)espicable (D)eceivers at it again:

When $40/month ($480/year) is more than $1,000/year

Defective memory, blind to reality. Typical leftists.

1/19/18 — 3 timely must-reads (PRO-LIFE), all from Heritage/Daily Signal:

1. America’s founding principles

2. Russell Moore weighs in

3. Traveling to the March For Life

And then there’s this…

To think I actually supported this Swampwater-guzzling Sell-out just a few years ago! Thank you, Charles Hurt, for your timely fingering of Flake:

What happens to these guys when they hit DC?!?


1/17/18 — Another consistent voice of sanity. Read Dennis Prager, and note especially #10, as it applies to my own“microaggression” (in the eyes of the Left) re: ONE HUMAN RACE: 10 Thoughts…

3 Takes on 2 Timely Topics:

1. Robert Knight: The Deceitful Road to Abortion

2a. Richard W. Rahn: Immigration and Rathole Countries

2b. Rush Limbaugh: Reporters Near Tears Over Trump

Some brief observations; 

1) Personally, I can’t muster any sympathy or respect for anyone who understands that abortion is the pre-meditated and usually-torturous taking of human life in the womb (the place where we all started), and yet supports that murder. No support for pro-abortsfrom me. Ever. Period.

2) The consistent and utter hypocrisy of the Demoncratic Left is again conspicuous in the current flap over Trump’s alleged language in a closed-door, supposedly private meeting (two things to keep in mind there). Follow the links to the last two articles for some memory enhancement, but here is the very first name that leapt into my mind: Lyndon Baines Johnson. Remember that king of the real racists? You know, the guy that would have the “niggers” voting Demo-rat forever? [Tip: you can track down his exact words elsewhere on the internet]. Nor was that an isolated case, or just one seriously-skewed individual who happened to be a (D).  No, that’s the marrow of the whole corrupt, baby-murdering, people-of-faith-hating, America-despising, truly elitist-racist, minorities-subjugating, constantly-lying, largely foul-mouthed party. YOU are the Deplorables, Hellary Clinton, you and all of your amoral Komrades. You can’t ride any moral high horse — none of you insufferable hypocrites can — through this or any of your manufactured moral “crises.” In fact, until you can reverse course and repent of careers of promoting everything that’s anti-God and destructive, you don’t even have a moral leg on which to stand.

3) Under God’s rules, murder is as evil as any sin that one can possibly commit (considering for the moment that all sins against God are idolatrous by nature and are therefore subsumed under the First Command-ment). Under the current “rules” of politically-correct so-called society, however, the murder of defenseless humans in the womb is nothing at all — just one valid “choice” among those available — but making someone feel bad or uncomfortable or slighted or “demeaned” in any way, well, ….now you’ve really gone and done it! If there is a Hell, you absolutely deserve to go there, you horrible, horrible person! This, of course, is where the Left wants us:  if you are a leftist, you are right as rain and pure as the driven snow. If you are not a leftist, you are by sheer definition an evil being and an enemy that must be punished (recall the comments of Howard Dean, Tim Gill, and Valerie Jarrett, for example). What’s more, as a leftist, you have full, unfettered freedom to accuse at will; facts don’t have to be the basis for — or form any part of — the accusation, and still…your target’s goose is cooked, sans trial.

Think about what’s going on. I mean, think with your own God-given brainpower. And stop drinking the poison of the me-first-and-always-me-first “main-stream” media. Your very soul may well be at risk. For real; no kidding, no lie. Turn to The Truth (John 14:6).


Added 5/15/17–
The Timely Topic #3:

A link to Robert Knight’s Washington Times piece, Guilty of hate until proven leftist” (not my writing, but I agree!)

New Feature for AD 2017:  The Timely Topic (periodic short essays, no fixed schedule; current events-oriented via a theological lens)

TTT #2 (as of 1/10) is immediately below

(Find TTT #1 on the Non-biblical Nonsense page)

The Timely Topic #2: Transition and the Culture of Life

Each January in the nation’s capital, we witness the stirring spectacle of up to hundreds of thousands of dedicated Pro-Lifers, young and old, braving raw, bone-chilling weather to participate
in the official March For Life. This particular January, there is good reason to believe that we can begin in earnest a nationwidemarch, the sustained march back to a sane culture of LIFE. And not a moment too soon. So the two parts of TTT #2 are: 1.) The Trump administration that’s coming into power with Republican majorities all around; and, 2.) What that should mean with regard to a return to pre-Roe v. Wade days, where the “culture of life” didn’t even have to be identified as such, because it was just common sense morality.

But first, let me “throw some shade” my own way. It would seem that I threw in the towel back there in October, when I wrote “U.S. Undone” and the “Afterword” I tacked on after the last essay for 2016, “Zeal.”  See my actual words on pages 265-266
of the Trutholio 2016 Essays book (PDF). [you can download it from the Vending Machine below, on this Home page, in the event that you didn’t keep it on hand because you just knew I had to be wrong, and your Ha-Ha! time was absolutely gonna come!] Good news, pilers-on, because right here is all the cannon fodder you need, in the form of excerpts from my “resigned to judgment” gloom-and-doom scenario. I even
used that word: “doom.”

“By early October, what I was observing in the disgusting political world — especially when added to what I’d observed for at least the eight previous years — led me to a nearly unavoidable conclusion: America has entered into God’s Judg- ment. We’ve gone way too far out of His will, and we’re now going the way of all once-powerful and influential nation-states: authors of our own doom.” [<<< See? What did I just say?]

More of what I wrote in October, 2016:

“When that realization supplanted my nagging suspicions, I saw no point in continuing to fight for a lost cause and wrapped up the essays. Because if Almighty God has decided that, like the First-Century Jews, we Twenty-First-Century Americans have filled up our cup of justly-deserved wrath, then His wrath will come upon usNow.”

And, finally…
“We’re just beginning to see how much this nation needs God. Selfishly, I’ll reiterate: I’m thankful for 60+ years of life in America under God, and I’m SO glad that I won’t live most of mylife under the boot of oppressors, as will the members of generations just coming into the picture recently, and from here on out. It may very well be that my freedom will be taken from me by The State, if not my life itself. Because Statists demand allegiance as gods, and they’re not going to get that from me.”

Well, that’s where I left things in 2016, in terms of the Essays part of Trutholio-World. All looked dark, and I didn’t see where we were entitled — at any rate — to any real hope.

That’s where I left things, that is, except for three more words: Soli Deo Gloria! In English, “To God alone be the glory.” That was both a reference to the statement that preceded the phrase, “…Statists demand allegiance as gods, and they’re not going to get that from me” — where “allegiance” and “glory” (or honor/homage, if you prefer) are synonymous in the context of this discussion — and to the fact that I firmly believe that God will do whatever gives glory to Himself, be it in an act of judgment, OR in an act of grace. So what I was trying to say was simply, “I don’t know what God intends to do with America at this time. It sure looks to me like the hammer is overdue, and coming down on us as we speak. And who could blame God if His patience finally ran out? BUT… whatever He’s decided to do, Soli Deo Gloria! ”

At this point, I’d like to think that I’ve thrown a bone to all of the Trump-Trekkies, the “I-told-you-so” victory-dancers, just by reminding any half-interested party just exactly what I said, and where I went “wrong.” But here’s the other shoe: we won’t have any tangible evidence of our nation’s actual direction under a President Trump until at least several months down the road. Right now, we know nothing about that. There is reason for hope. Thank Almighty God that He didn’t see fit to bestow a second Clinton administration upon us — “Massive relief!” is the way I put it — but does any of this mean that we’re out of the woods and on our way back home? God knows; we don’t.

Well, rather than go back and forth on this, seeing in turn, “doom, after all, only delayed” and “God just may be using political figures as instruments for good change at this time” as the alternative takes on what’s in store, let’s think optimistically, building on what we do know about God, who is good, holy, just AND merciful, THE Source of Life.

Okay, I’ve provided the first clue that definitely points in the direction of a God who is still determined to shed more of His grace on America. GOD is the ultimate “Pro-Lifer.” He’s FOR life all the way. Without Him, there IS no life, period. WITH Him, there is abundant life (John 10:10), life that is lavished upon His beloved chosen ones, and through His giving up of His own life for them, countless people out of all tribes/ nations/peoples will live eternally (John 10:11 and Rev 5:9, 7:9). So the will of God — throughout eternity — is on the side of lifeabundant life (true liberty to seek honest gain and prosperity, and the abiding joy of secured freedom have a lot to do with the abundant life!), and even unending life in the truly perfect “world” of God’s holy Heaven. It stands to reason, then, that God wants to see a day-in, day-out culture of life to again prevail in America, as it had for so long, until the American Death Industry began to develop in the second and third decades of the 20th Century. Think: Sanger, the eugenicists, the “Progressives” and the ACLU, and all of the life-squashing, death-embracing movements that have grown out of that wicked, anti-God soil. In fact, I defy you to name a nation-destroying symptom-sin that wasn’t already manifesting itself in this land nearly a hundred years ago (feel free to include theft-by-government policies in that category; yes, I speak of Socialism).

The culture of death is, ironically, alive and well, and has reached an apex under one Barack Hussein Obama, who, at the very least, is clearly aligned with the ideologies of both communists and radical Islamists, the all-time champion merchants of death, abundant death, wall-to-wall death. When you consider for just a moment how obvious it is — just what these murderers live for — and how many millions join them in their gross sins of wanton destruction (or look the other way), the truth of Proverbs 8:36is established as if set in cement: “All they that hate me[wisdom, and ultimately, God] love death.” Anti-God=anti-life. Pro-death=anti-God. Clear enough for you?

So what is sorely needed is a transition out of the culture of death and soul-oppression, and back into a culture that truly affirms life, from conception to natural death (and hopefully, on into an unending life of bliss). Under God, the Author of Life, there is security, liberty, and prosperity. But when the leaders of the people try to slip out from under God’s authority, or even worse, actively oppose God’s will at every point — as we’ve certainly seen for the last 8 years — things go horribly wrong on all fronts; national and global security vaporizes, personal liberty is severely compromised, and economic disaster prevails. Try to do things your way in God’s universe, and you get failure; be sure of that.

So clue #2 that God just may be steering us back to Himself is that under a President Trump, religious liberty — the innate, God-given right to acknowledge Him in all times and places — could be restored, and who’ll venture to say that that is not
God-pleasing? Taking both apparent trends together (towards life and liberty), I like what I see.

Only two things do I need to yet point out in this short piece. First, political means to an end — under God — do seem to be available at this opportune time. Principally, I’m referring to a Republican-majority Congress passing and enacting the Life at  Conception Act, which would effectively overturn that odious Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 that turned moral justice on its head. At that point, moral authority would be returned to the states and to the people. So through the 14th Amendment’s affirmation of the right to life for all persons (personhood is the key to the Life at Conception Act) , the 10th Amendment, Federalism (not to be confused with the federal government),  and our constitutional, representative republic would all be strengthened at a stroke. These are all possible political improvements, and they appear to be viable — though limited — solutions. But a final word of caution is in order, just the same. The key to a successful and enduring transition from death and spiritual chains to life and righteous liberty is getting back under God.



+ All plans proposed here are subject to the will of the LORD. “Man proposes, but God disposes.”

“[Instead, you ought to say,] ‘If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.'”–James 4:15 (similar OT verses:  Prov 16:9, 19:21)

+ While recognizing that anyone who trusts in the person and work of Jesus Christ alone is my brother or sister in Christ (saved by God’s grace through faith, with good works necessarily followingEph 2:8-10), I must take exception to any last-things teachings that do NOT honor Christ by taking His every word for unassailable truth (i.e., any futurist teaching, including so-called “partial-preterism”).

In other words, when I recommend or link to (otherwise) good Reformed (“Calvinist”) teachers, my “blanket” disclaimer is in effect:  “I agree with the general thrust of this teaching, but do NOT agree with the eschatological (last-things/end-times) stance expressed either here, or in another context.” When you see on this and other pages the words, “Agreed, With Reservation:Eschatology [AWARE],” read:  “Take in the good, solid food here, but spit out the bad last-things bones.”

+ I am a staunch 6-day Creationist, 5-point Calvinist, and fully-convinced “full” (consistent) Preterist. I firmly believe in the truth of ONE human race (per Gen 1, Acts 17:26, Rom 5:12-21) and reject any notion of multiple racebecause I believe the holy Bible is God’s absolute truth in written form:inerrant, infallible, and inspired (breathed out by the Holy Spirit — 2 Tim 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:21).


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The daily bottom line, with respect to this nation: 

May God continue to bless, preserve, protect, and save America, and let’s all remember to thank Him often! He has carried us thus far, and we can go no further — in any positive direction — without Him. All glory be to God! — SR, January, AD 2018.