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Under the banner of “saving Mother Earth,” the frenzied power-grabbers march roughshod over the natural, God-given rights of human beings. Those already poor in resources are denied essential life-improvements by the closet-racist elite, and the global crime wave rolls on.

ECO-TYRANNY is the name of a fine book — my first tier-one recommendation — by Brian Sussman (WND Books, 2012), and I have taken the liberty of attaching that apt term to this page. No other word better describes the true  goal and thrust of the worldwide radical environmental movement. Whatever they’re calling it at the moment — “global cooling ” became “global warming ” and then, “climate change” — it really has nothing to do with saving the planet for all humanity, but everything to do with an elite class ruling over a severely-reduced humanity, where human beings are third-class denizens, below the animals (the NEW middle class, if you will).

So what we’re up against is world-community organizers, class-warfaremongers, cutthroat Marxists; be acutely aware of this as you sift through their propaganda, for that’s all it is. The evil agenda is ever-present, though veiled. Remember Climategate ? Yes, remember it well ; tip of the non-melting iceberg. And in case you never understood (or forgot) how the eco-hoaxers were caught with their pants down, read the first book by Mr. Sussman: Climategate, WND Books, 2010. For leftist-pantsing enthusiasts everywhere.

Are you looking for a more objective source of information on this issue, a facts-only, no side-taking source? Well, the closest thing may be this web page:

If you visit this page, you’ll see this friendly advisory: “Please wait as we load hundreds of rigorously documented facts for you.” Please do wait; it will be worth your time. My personal recommendation is to let the page load fully; “save page”; view offline and maybe jot notes about links you’d like to follow up on (in which case you’d return to the site and link from there); OR…(best practice, in my view) PRINT out the full 152 pages, or at least the first 36 pages, where the graphics-enhanced article ends, and the footnotes begin (remember, they did say, “rigorously documented!”). I’m glad I printed it out (PDF) and read it all — there is a lot of overlapping in the footnotes to contend with, since the same citation may have been connected to several statements in the main article — as some lights didn’t come on for me until I did that “extra” reading. But that’s not for everybody, so those first 36 pages may tell the story sufficiently for you. In any case, GO to this page and come away with the facts and increased real knowledge.


POWER GRAB by Christopher C. Horner (Regnery, 2010)

Also by Horner: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism (2007) and Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, FRAUD, and Deception to Keep You MISinformed (2008) [emphasis mine, not in the actual title]

THE GREATEST HOAX by Sen. James Inhofe (2012)


CRYING WOLF, a Jeffrey D. King film (2011)

BLUE, also by King (2014)

The Great Global Warming Swindle (Martin Durkin, 2007)


The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation

(A petition worthy of our signatures, a cause worthy of those of us who truly care about the impoverished):

American Policy Center (yes, Tom DeWeese connects the dots for us on this issue, too!)

Heritage Foundation (Issues pages):


Eco-Tyranny 4-8 PDF

5/8/18: You probably sensed this, too, already (“climate skeptics” care and do more  for the environment)

4/12/18: More eco-sanity from Anthony Sadar
4/5/18: “Between a farce and a fraud” an assessment of the Paris accord (Stossel: “Climate Exit )

3/17/18: Compare and contrast:  1. loony tunes; 2. sane

2/26/18: Finally, some GOOD news coming from the EPA (standing up to the eco-tyrants)

2/22/18: Eco-Tyranny and the global hypocrites who push for it
Similar glaring examples of eco-tyrant hypocrisy could be posted daily. They’re consistent, anyway.

2/7/18: Eco-Tyranny matter; read, learn, apply (Anthony Sadar)


Bulletin link, 1/5/18! Read what some sane meteorologists have to say about current weather patterns:

Leftist, one-trick ponies exposed again. Right here.