8/10/18: Real simple: The ABC’s of Trutholio



I acknowledge — without reservation or apology — the full and final authority of the eternally-living, triune God, as He presents Himself in His holy, written, error-free Word, The Holy Bible, and through His inspired writers on every page of both Testaments. The all-wise God has indeed spoken, what He has said goes (always) in the universe He created, and no man or woman can gainsay it, an admission I freely make, along with that of my own filthy sinfulness. I will not attempt to correct the LORD of lords and King of kings about anything, but that doesn’t stop millions upon millions of astonishingly ignorant-yet-arrogant anti-God “prophets” of the “we know better now” religion from trying to pull God down to — actually, below — the level of the Creator’s creatures. Such dedicated deceivers serve the head demon and chief adversary of God, even though those who make some profession of being followers of Jesus Christ are often blithely ignorant of what they are actually doing; they claim to love and serve Christ while ignoring many/most/all of His commands (against John 14:15 and 8:31-32; Love Him? Then keep His commandments and abide in His word!). So these “Christian” people, above all others, pose the greatest dangers to the mankind-trusting populace, and at the very top of that chain-of-command and consequential influence are those who claim to know the true Christ, yet presume to teach (James 3:1 and Matthew 23:10) and preach a “christ” who winks at every sin (if there even IS such a thing!), never judges anyone (squarely against John 5:21-24), and will save everyone, regardless of their respect or utter disrespect for Him and His commands. Such false teachers must be exposed and attacked, and the holiness of God must never be compromised in the eyes of the sinners who need Himexclusively (Acts 4:12 and 1 Timothy 2:5) — if they desire to be saved from eternal death. Those who seek to redefine “the Lord” in their own preferred image are the worst of idolaters, since they have tasted true knowledge of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, and thought they’d “improve” God — give the Maker a makeover — in order to be able to continue in abominable sin with this “god” smiling down upon it in approval.

Just what does God actually say — in His perfect, unchanging written Word —  is “abominable” in His sight? As it turns out, the main things that the priests of the “new” religion are fighting tooth, fang, and claw for: unrestricted murder of human babies (abortion) and unrestricted adultery (any sex outside marriage as instituted by God, but especially sex against His created order: sodomy (Genesis 19 is where it got its name), or male-with-male “sex”; female-with-female “sex” (lesbianism); bestiality (human-animal “sex”); changing one’s sex (transgenderism) in total defiance of God’s determination and design, anything that involves putting one’s sex organs to inappropriate use per God’s standards, which remain forever constant). Ready to read for yourself, lest you think I’m misleading you? Here you go:

On abortion as the murder of human beings and how that’s an abomination, read Exodus 20:13 (do no murder); Ex 21:22-25 (“life for life” when the baby a pregnant woman is carrying dies as the result of an attack); Lev 18:21, 20:1-5 and 24:21; Deut 18:10-12 and 12:31; Proverbs 6:16-19, and every passage that reminds the reader that GOD provides each one of those lives to us on earth as an intended blessing, like Psalm 139:13-16, for example, and 127:3, and so many others. God is the ultimate Pro-Lifer, and He absolutely hates death! So anyone who tries to jimmy some justification INTO His fixed and perfect Word for the gruesome evil of abortion is playing with fire!

But you know that, don’t you? It then becomes a matter of arrogant and willful disobedience against knowledge of conscience, the stuff of Romans 1. You’re a “yeah, but…” robot if this is how you continue on in life, getting closer all the time to endless misery, that woeful bed you’re making for yourself.

And what about homosexuality and all of the other sexual deviancies? Read Genesis 19:4-28 for the full account of how SODOM was destroyed for their most prevalent and infamous sin; Leviticus 18:22 (“IT IS AN ABOMINATION”; need it to be any clearer?) and 20:13 (“BOTH OF THEM HAVE COMMITTED AN ABOMINATION”; did God stutter, or were you hard of hearing and hard of heart?); Judges 5:22-25; Romans 1:18-30, especially on topic: verses 26-28; 1 Corinthians 6:9; 1 Timothy 1:6-10; Galatians 5:19-21; Revelation 21:7-8 and 22:15; and two verses that command to NOT partake in OTHER people’s sins (CONDONE/ABET/ENCOURAGE/PROMOTE EVIL), 1 Timothy 5:22 and Rev 18:4 (that which you permit is that which you promote). Fact is, I probably missed some relevant passages. Stacked in favor of such behavior — any positive sanction — we find not even a tad of an iota of a hint that “gay” behavior is even acceptable, much less a “beautiful expression of love.” But just like the reaction of Stephen’s murderers in Acts 6:10, the LGBT-pushers can “not withstand the wisdom and the Spirit with which he was speaking” (he was quoting and citing the Scriptures, just as I’ve been doing), so the most immediate action they can take is to stone the messenger; they can’t get to God and harm Him in the least, but they can silence His messenger — even permanently — (or so they THINK, because one’s words can linger on for years, decades, even centuries if God wills it, praise be to Him!) by intimidation, ostracizing, character assassination, and actual, full-fledged assassination. It’s to the point now that if you’ve never experienced that kind of backlash, you’re probably not spending much time telling neglected, Biblical truth. Please think about that.

But you know that, too, don’t you, about what God has always thought about unnatural and illicit “sex” in any form, I mean? So we’re back to arrogant defiance of God’s perfect, holy, and never-changing laws, the rules of God’s universe for God’s creatures. When you can’t break the chains and cords of God asunder (Psalm 2), all that’s left to do is repent and ask for His forgiveness OR… gnash your teeth and accost the “watchman” who warns you about what’s at risk if you go that way. It’s not hard at all to see why people want me to shut up or “get help” when I take on the burden of the responsible watchman, as it’s depicted in Ezekiel 33:6-9: they do NOT want to hear the truth. Period! And just to be clear, I’m not even remotely claiming to be on par with any inspired prophet or Bible writer. No, I’m just a rather ham-handed but active defender of the faith once delivered (for all time) to the church of God under Jesus Christ (Jude 3 and 2 Peter 3:15; 1 Cor 3:11; Eph 2:20), and a vigilant “warner” regarding the inevitable consequences for rank disobedience. It boils down to this: if I am diligent in warning you, even if you don’t heed my warnings, then I am off God’s hook; your blood is NOT on my hands! But woe to me if I see destruction headed your way and fail to warn you; then I am on the hook, and we both meet with the appropriate, respective consequences. Better that I warn you, you take heed, and both of us can be saved from unrestrained evil. This is what I’m about here at Trutholio.

Parting passages on this head: Christians are to ABHOR evil (Romans 12:9), identify evildoers and NOT bear with them (Rev 2:2), and WOE to those who turn good and evil upside down, mock God, and expect to get away with it (Isaiah 5:18-21; reminds me instantly of the sold-out evil-purveyors with the (D)s behind their names). 



By now you should be keenly aware that every position I take in religion/theology and politics is based on the bedrock of the Bible. Other ways to state the same thing: A) If God’s Word teaches it, I believe it; if it’s not taught there, it’s subject to a close comparison with what is taught in Scripture, and only consistency can validate that teaching as a companion truth, and inconsistency or downright contradiction will necessitate rejection of that NON-biblical notion (see Isaiah 8:20 and Acts 17:11 for the spirit and gist of this principle); B) If you’re wondering where I get some idea or particular perspective, it may start — on one end — with a commentary, op-ed, book, or video, but I can always tether it to what Scripture has said about it long, long ago. I don’t claim to have any original ideas when it comes to either of these important fields of study, and the mere thought of my adding to or taking away from Scripture makes me shudder (Deut 4:2 and 12:32, Proverbs 30:6, and Rev 22:18-19; ignore those warnings at the risk of losing everything!). So I either start with a passage (and any parallels) in God’s Word and work outward, or I follow a thread back towards it to see if it is indeed soundly rooted there. It’s the only safe way: God makes factual pronouncements, and our duty is to line up our mere subjective opinions with what God has declared as objective fact. Do they connect? Then move forward in that truth. Failed connection? Then YOU or I have it wrong, it’s just that simple. No amount of wishful thinking, weeping, or wringing of hands is going to change things. To those who constantly try to shoehorn something into the Bible (usually to enable continuing in a “bosom sin,” as the Puritans used to say), I speak the truth in love: “Boo-hoo! Get over yourself and your errant judgment! You know what you have to do, so do it already!” I’ve said that many times to myself, by the way; it can be painful for a while, but it feels good when I get back on the right foot. C) Simplest version: if God said it, that settles it! (My belief or disbelief in between is actually irrelevant; objective truth stands on its own).

And, a corollary…

Galatians 1:6-10 clearly teaches us that even if an angel should come down from Heaven and preach/teach something that doesn’t line up with the rest of the Gospel message (this is a hypothetical, of course, because any angel actually from Heaven would not even be capable now of doing such evil), let that FALSE messenger be accursed, or damned! The inspired apostle Paul goes on to make it clear, though, that there is only ONE AUTHENTIC GOSPEL, the one which he, the other apostles, and Jesus Himself taught and preached. I’m so glad this passage is there for our instruction throughout the ages, because between what is taught here and in those “Do not add OR subtract” passages cited above, it’s SO-O-O-O easy for anyone with an ounce of discernment to detect the distinct odor of a false teaching when it comes around, courtesy of a snake-oil peddler (like a LGBT-pusher, shall we say, or a pro-abort, or any merchant of death; I’m looking at you, radical Islamist!).



In at least 3 places in God’s Word, the fact that Jesus Christ is the Creator of all things is made patently clear: read this for yourself in John 1:1-3, Colossians 1:15-20, and Hebrews 1:1-3. A careful reading of Romans 11:36 will reveal the same fact, and in that Colossians text, we learn that Christ also — even now, and forever — holds the universe together (in Him, all things consist, or hold together). So that tells anyone who’s paying attention that Christ has always existed and holds all power, at the very least. But more than that, He commands and demands obedience; as true God, He will not share His glory with another (Isaiah 42:5-8). And guess what? He NEVER changes: Hebrews 13:8. It follows that His commandments which we’ll want to obey if we truly love Him (John 14:15) have never changed either, nor will they. If you could convince all nine billion people on Earth to hold their collective breath until all human beings were blue in the face in order to try to change His mind about how certain evils could now be pronounced good, it would only mean that there are 9 billion gullible, hellbound tragic figures who totally wasted their time. So give it up. Give it up, God-haters. You lose. Turn from your abominations and those who insist on promoting them. Each of us has the same duty to perform, according to God: Be holy, as He is holy (Lev 11:44 and 1 Peter 1:14-16). Can’t do that? That’s absolutely right, you can’t, and neither can I. HOWEVER, The Creator Himself has come down from Heaven to be born as a full-fledged human, live an earthly life of sinless, PERFECT obedience, suffer unspeakably, and DIE in agony so that He could not only remove all sins from all who believe in Him, but also impute that perfect law-keeping of His to their accounts. If He had only removed the sins of the faithful, admission into Heaven would still not be possible, since without holiness, no man shall see God (in His holy Heaven, Hebrews 12:14). That’s where the transfer of Christ’s righteousness (imputation) comes in: we go beyond “breaking even” with slates cleared of all sin, and obtain the active and positive holiness necessary to be with God forever. Colloquially speaking, Christ gets us to the gate AND hands us the admission ticket. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing (John 15:5).

But on the other hand, for the one who rejects the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6) — one who does NOT abide in Christ — that person will be “thrown away” (John 15:6) and is “condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God” (John 3:18). It’s a clear-cut dichotomy; no wiggle room available.

Okay, now you’ve had life and death set before you, via the very Word Of God (Deut 30:15). You know who you have to listen to (Deut 18:15), and who you will naturally want to obey if you truly are in Christ (John 14:15). There’s nothing complicated here. We acknowledge the Creator, He is the only One who can save us from the endless misery that we justly deserve if we insist on doing things our way, and on our own, and it is certain — beyond doubt — that we are lost without Him in every sense.

This watchman has given you fair warning, love me or hate me as you will. That’s probably the best I can do. May God grant light, true repentance (2 Timothy 2:25-26), and true faith, the GIFT of God (Ephesians 2:8-10). 


***NEW, ADDED 6/19/18:  Available here and now, a chronological recap of what was posted to Global Baseball 2017/2018 from late 2016 until that content was being moved to in recent weeks. Click on the link for a 35-page PDF: Global Baseball recap

What this amounts to is an organic narrative in book form of the baseball project behind the web pages as both were developed; a diary of sorts as things took shape, if you will. So if you came here looking for the ol’ GB2018 page, you haven’t missed out; download the complete, chronological record for free (it may end up as part of an actual traditional publication (large, printed volume) in the not-too-distant-future, and then such materials will no longer be available without cost; this project is too unique and the research is too valuable to continue to “give away the store”). There’s your update, and it’s back to work for me.


Much work is ahead of me here. This “Gist (of Trutholio)” page will be replacing the Global Baseball 2017/2018 pages of the past, and for two good reasons.

First of all, the only website that I’m still developing at Lycos/Angelfire — — takes up where GB 2018 leaves off; we’re transporting the baseball project/study stuff to that 7-page companion site.

Secondly, it seemed to be helpful to give you busy web-surfers the gist of what I stand for and what I oppose here at Trutholio; whether we agree or disagree, you’ll know where I stand within minutes.

Most of this material will be serious and in earnest, but I’ll reserve the right to throw in some humor now and then (e.g., take a strong stance on some trivial, inane, non-issue, just to kid around, though I’ll let you know when I’m kidding, too).

Lastly for today, I plan to put the old GB 2017-18 posts in chronological book form [as of 6/19/18, see link above], and make that material available at both Retroplay and my “universal” site, And if you have no idea what I’m talking about re: Global Baseball 2018, here’s the most recently saved Internet Archives Wayback Machine link, and the latest saved PDF (GB2018 5-18) I have on hand (2 visuals to go on).

Hope to get back to this again soon…(6/19/18)