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What American immigration policy should look like. The Rule of Law should be the rule, and the laws enacted by Congress must be enforced. That’s the RE-starting point. The lawless “Executive Actions” of the ILLEGAL-Alien-In-Chief must be wiped out, and sanity must be restored to our national security policy.

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a. FAIR Legislative Update (check most recent)

b. FAIR Immigration Priorities for the 2017 Presidential Transition (overview & PDF download)

c. FAIR Special Report: Mass Immigration’s Impact on Public Education

2. EBI

a. Highly-recommended book: The Immigration Crisis  by James K. Hoffmeier (Crossway, 2009)

3. Center for Immigration Studies

4. Heritage Foundation (on immigration issues)

5. Refugee Resettlement Watch — Ann Corcoran

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b. Her book (one of many excellent works available for download at Center for Security Policy):

+TIP:  Find THE RED-GREEN AXIS by James Simpson at the link directly above (scroll down page for a virtual gold-mine of great resources!)

6. Dr. Karen VanTil Gushta, D. James Kennedy Ministries:

7. My own take (Essay I2, first posted in April, 2016)


Immigration 5-24 PDF

5/24/18: (copied from HomeILLEGAL aliens are thieves several times over

Relevant quotes:

In 2013, the Social Security Administra-tion’s Office of the Chief Actuary estimated that more than 40 percent of all illegal aliens working in the U.S. were doing so using fake or stolen SSNs. Elsewhere, the office has put the figure as high as 75 percent. And the crime is as serious as it is widespread. By getting tied to bad credit or unreported income out of the blue, the victim can become falsely frozen out of his Social Security benefits or face audits from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The impact takes years and thousands of dollars, on average, for the victim to reconcile.

The most vulnerable targets for SSN theft are children. Because children generally don’t use their SSNs until they turn 18, the crime can go undetected for years, meaning they’re prime targets for black-market operators. One study by Carnegie Mellon University estimated U.S. children are 51 times more likely to have their SSNs stolen than adults.

5/21/18: Immigration #1; Immigration #2 (one good idea!). And…check out the first part of this video… 

5/9/18– What else is necessary – and crucial – besides the (physical) border wall

5/8/18: Yes, by all means, do this, DHS! (It’s high time!)

5/1/18: Two for Tuesday on Immigration: A) Tennessee Volunteers to Lead the Way; B) If somebody comes to YOUR DOOR and demands entry, protection, food, clothing, and anything else they can think of, do YOU owe it to ’em? Works the same way with nations, folks!

4/27/18: (D)angerous, (D)estructive, (D)eluded rhetoricMore of the same from the head New York nut-case; and MS-13 gaming the systemShocking ! Who’d ever guess?

4/13/18: Right on, Westminster, CA! (And Newport Beach!); Orange Co. commonsense push-back gathers steam!

4/12/18: More “Dreamers” in the news (Coulter column)

4/5/18: (Copied from Home, re: Immigration) a. Ann Coulter* b. Genevieve Wood (Daily Signal) c. Frank Gaffney d. Jessica Vaughan (CIS) w. Gaffney

*Caveat on Coulter: I do NOT agree with her “tweets” if any in fact advocate the execution of illegal immigrants (since I do ZERO “social media” myself, I’m only relying on what others have reported in their columns at Town Hall, The Daily Signal, or the Washington Times (online). From what I’ve seen in her writings over the years, her biblical scholarship is a bit sketchy, and contexts are often ignored. That seems to be the case here, IMO.


3/28/18:  1. Thanks again, Osama Obama: (see Essay Echo below; drips with timely relevancy!) (D)reamers” & SoSec Fraud  Two telling quotes–

“In fact, it is likely that many if not most DACA applicants who held regular jobs had committed the crime of perjury, by providing their employers with a stolen or fake Social Security Number (SSN) for tax reporting purposes. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has estimated that 3 out of every 4 illegal aliens possess an SSN that belongs to somebody else.”

“Evidently, the Obama administration was not keen to advertise its decision to risk the loss of Social Security benefits for millions of American workers rather than risk dissuading a few hundred thousand Dreamers from applying for DACA.”

Ah yes, those innocent, “salt-of-the-earth” (D)reamers…

2. Leftist Lawlessness & the Census; completely out of what’s left of their minds!

3. Orange County, CA: island of sanity in “sanctuary” state


3/23/18: CA battle lines drawn:  evil vs. good

3/21/18: The War in California continues…
Protecting and serving law-abiding citizens in Los Alamitos vs. protecting and serving ILLEGAL alien multiple offenders in Oakland, betraying the law-abiding (business as usual for the party of (D)estruction)

3/11/18: Michael Ramirez succinctly nails it again (editorial cartoon); read the article, too, to help paint the sad picture of CA disaster

3/8/18: Governor Moonbeam vs. America (including especially his own constituents; pray for California!). Here’s what’s going on; the war, joined in progress…

3/7/18: Sweden is learning (Trump was right) Can California be stopped from self-destruction, too?

3/6/18: I sure wish he didn’t glorify Disney World by making the comparison that he does, but his points are well made. We’re constantly forgetting the LEGAL immigrants who are going through proper channels and intend to help this country. In addition to all law-abiding citizens, there are your true victims. Read!

2/23/18 (PM): Immigrant-mass murderer connection (Ann Coulter article)

(Copied from Home page, 2/23/18): (D)underhead of (D)underheads, Nancy Pelousy (sic) ; she has lost it, folks, and here’s the latest proof!)

Immigration topic link #2 (media misreporting)

Immigration topic link #3 (those wonderful ILLEGALS)

Telling quote:  “A report by the Center for Immigration Studies reveals that about 75 percent of working-age illegal aliens use fraudulent Social Security cards to work in the United States” [I remind you: one “Barack Obama II” was born in either Kenya or Hawaii (both claims were made by himself at various times) but never lived in CT, yet… he had a CT-issued (actually, doubly illegally re-issued) SSN! ; that’s right: HE is among that 75%, and he’s still getting away with the grandest of all grand thefts]


The Remembrance Project 

“A voice for victims killed by illegal aliens”

“Honoring and remembering Americans killed by illegal aliens”

2/20/18 Nation-(D)estroyers at it again (here).

With the (D)s, immoral criminals always come first, and always at the expense of the law-abiding. But here’s an idea: how about we do this, to prove the “loving compassion” of the open-borders mob? Every registered (D) will now and forevermore be required by law to directly and personally provide for at least two “undocumented neighbors” in all of the following areas; all housing costs, food, fashionable clothing, free education (pre-school through college), free cable TV and high-speed internet, free health care, any other welfare benefits (without any work requirements), including tax refunds for taxes never paid, social security wages, and automatic “get out of jail free” cards (all legal fees paid by their (D) sponsors, on behalf of such innocents) for any additional “crimes” “allegedly” committed here in America (automatic acquittal and even compensatory damages, just by virtue of the fact that they are not tainted by being born to law-abiding citizen-parents in America). And anything else that your new best friends and household members should ever demand. 

That sounds fair, doesn’t it? You invited ’em, you host ’em. YOU give ’em sanctuary. “Open borders” means no borders for your house, too. That’s just consistent, isn’t it?

I’m guessing you leftist (D)s won’t like my idea. Because it would be fair, and it would mean that you’d have to start using your own money instead of stealing through government.

Your hypocrisy is hereby made plain.


2/8/18: Cheryl K. Chumley nails it again: (D)espicable (D)ouble standard and RINO abetting

2/2/18:  Pragmatic Prager and The Daily Signal: Obvious that leftists just want more of their own kind (anti-God, anti-America, amoral)

3 suggestions for improvement, in light of apparent policy shift (Daily Signal ; see 2/1 link below first)

2/1/2018: Chumley’s analysis makes sense: What Trump is proposing and why

1/31/18: More on those squeaky-clean, no-fault “Dreamers” and the party of (D)eluded hellbent abettors — 

The purity of the “undocumented”; Exhibit S ?

Crooks ushered into the Capitol (extra-national crooks, I mean, alongside the elected ones)


1/27/18: 5 links that expose thieving ILLEGAL brats for what they are and the damage they’re doing, as well as what legal Americans want —



FAIR #3 More idiocy in my home state (WA)


Washington Times

Added 1/25/18:  Two sane takes on the “(D)reamer” (D)ebacle:

Heritage’s Kay Cole James

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

And one more thing:  notice how the good folks waiting to be admitted legally get the least ink?

Business as usual there. We can again thank the Demoncrats and RINO turncoats for that. Remember to “reward” them in upcoming elections!

For my own take, revisited: Essay I2, pages 42-47 of my 2016 Political Essay Bundle; free download from the “Vending Machine” (Home page, near bottom) or right here —

Trutholio 2016 Political bundle (28 essays)


Added 1/21/18: A political cartoon that says it all!

+++ Added 1/5/18: More solid truth: we owe the “Dreamers” nothing! truth from Peter Parisi and the Daily Signal

+++ Added 12/26/17: Media: lose the big, fat lies. Here’s the truth about your saintly “Dreamers” cohort: dose of reality for anyone with an ounce of discernment remaining


Generally, what you’ll find on this page:

1. Links to truth-tellers on the issue of immigration (legal, ILLEGAL, and how those going through proper channels are usually neglected !)
2. Truth-telling book and video recommendations
3. My own Biblically-informed perspective, aided by those named above

+++3/28/18 ESSAY ECHO :

(Excerpt from the last page of my 2016 Essay F2 (“F raud”); download the whole thing — complete with one detected typo — below at the PDF link; it runs 14 pages in all)

“But here’s the kicker, for anyone who’s still apt to defend this career criminal (it should make any taxpaying citizen’s blood boil, even if none of the other stuff does!). The Social Security web- site has verified that the Social Security Number used by Obama-Soetoro is from a bank of numbers set aside exclusively for Connecticut applicants, and it was issued between 1977 and 1979, two years after Barry was employed by an Oahu,
Hawaii ice cream shop. [3/28 added note: NOT at his birth, which is the usual practice, as you well know if you were born in the U.S.] Two things to notice; 1) this fraud NEVER resided in Connecticut (and has no family connections there), and 2) either he worked without a legal — and required — SSN in Hawaii, or he obtained, first, the Hawaii-bank SSN, and for some reason, a second ILLEGAL CT-series SSN. It’s against federal law to either have a re-issued SSN (held by two people), OR to have a second
number issued to someone who already has one. Illegal-Alien-In-Chief! If you still don’t see what a FRAUD this evil man is, that worries me. Wise up!”