Links (HOF)

Links (HOF)

[Note: Updated material is below this main introductory section]

Proverbs 30:8 — Remove falsehood and lies far from me; Give me neither poverty nor riches.


Having room for very few in my necessarily tight  2018 Charitable Contributions budget, only these “Top 15” organizations may (possibly) claim a share:

(7) Monthly ; continue to receive regular donations as before, or new):

+++++International Preterist Association (Christian-Reformed-pastoral-preterist, religiously and politically conservative)

(Best introduction link):

(Best full, historical treatment; a classic-to-be! Final Decade Before the End):


++American Bible Society

++Alliance Defending Freedom

++Union Gospel Mission

++Voice of the Martyrs

+Americans United For Life

Just added as monthly donation recipient (moved from annual, one-time):

+National Pro-Life Alliance (NPLA)

(One-time; ideally, when funds are matched): 

A. HAVE already made my contributions for 2018 to:

+Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

+American Policy Center (Tom DeWeese)

+David Horowitz’s Freedom Center

+Senate Conservatives Fund

+Judicial Watch

+Life Decisions International (LDI) (updated boycott lists)

+The Remembrance Project http://the remembrance

+Christian Action Network

B. PLAN to contribute to (hoping for possible matching fund opportunity; just a matter of timing and making the money go further):

+Heritage Foundation

(on the bubble, due to one pushy individual; please be advised, Heritage)

NOTE: I also value the services provided by Wikipedia and the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine), both of which I have supported financially as well, despite any differences in political biases. It’s a matter of conscience.


HOF Annex–Your support is also encouraged for these:

American Civil Rights Union (answer to ACL U)

John Anthony, Sustainable Freedom Lab

Citizens Against Government Waste

Citizens United

Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation

Crown and Covenant (RPCNA)

Discover The Networks (David Horowitz)


Heritage Action For America

Law Enforcement Action Network

National Association for Gun Rights

Quarterly Preterist forum resource: Fulfilled! magazine (available for free; donations welcomed)

The Remembrance Project http://the remembrance

Students For Life (SFL)

United States Justice Foundation

Women’s Health Care Needs Addressed by THOUSANDS of Centers Not Involved in Baby-Murder (like you-know-who!)


The Trutholio “Cabinet”

Intelligence Briefings:
The Daily Signal (Heritage Foundation) newsletter
The Washington Times newsletters (Headlines and Breaking News) newsletters (subscribe at

Department of Justice, Government Accountability, and Rule of Law:
Judicial Watch
Heritage Foundation
American Civil Rights Union (answer to ACL U)

Eagle-eyed Agenda 21/2030, HUD, and “Sustainability” Watchdog-Advisors
Tom DeWeese (American Policy Center)
John Anthony (Sustainable Freedom Lab)

Department of Homeland Security:
Dan Stein & Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
Frank Gaffney, Ann Corcoran, James Simpson, et al
Center for Immigration Studies

Department of Comic Education (Laugh & Learn Czars):
Tim Hawkins
Michael Jr.
Morally-Responsible Spending/Investing Advisors:

Life Decisions International (LDI) (updated boycott lists)
Timothy Plan 
(MR investments, eVALUEator stock/fund screener, Hall of Shame boycott list)




3/1/18: Updated this page to reflect current commitments and recommendations

2/21/18 BULLETIN: LINK ADDED TO H.O.F. ANNEX — The Remembrance Project